[Marxism] Is Putin Really Planning To Bomb Saudi Arabia? And Syrian rebels with sarin tripping in tunnels ...

Michael Karadjis mkaradjis at gmail.com
Tue Sep 10 18:08:28 MDT 2013

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From: "Daniel Rocha" <danieldiniz at gmail.com>
> I really don't see the contradiction in giving al-qaeda chemical 
> weapons,
> even though they are deadly enemies.

Oh, OK, I admit I hadn't considered the view that providing your 
nemesis, who wants to destroy you, with chemical weapons might be a 
perfectly logical thing to do. In that case I'll try another track.

First, try googling for Saudi backing of Al-Nusra. You will find lots of 
unsubstantiated statements, on all the conspiracist sites, and even on 
some sensible and pro-revolution sites, stated in their case innocently 
out of ignorance. You will find not a single substantiated reference. If 
any of the conspiracist sites have a reference, it will be to some 
similar site, which likewise only has a bland unsubstantiated statement. 
You will find lots of references, however, to the Saudis trying to build 
a force in recent months especially to counter Al Nusra and ISIL.

Second, even if we accept the proposition (here I'll  put words into 
your mouth) that the Saudis may be happy to back Al Qaida against some 
other enemy a long way away so that it at least keeps them of their 
backs - something which might have some logic, we still need to 
understand what a map of the region looks like. Yes, Afghanistan is a 
long way away (though even there, the Saudis only ever backed the 
Taliban, which has an entirely national Afghan agenda, I know of zero 
evidence they backed Al Qaida there), so it might be possible, logically 
if not factually. Perhaps Chechnya.

But Syria is separated from Saudi Arabia by only smallish Jordan. 
Jordan, like Saudi Arabia, is ruled by a monarchy. Its major opposition 
at home is the Muslim Brotherhood, who want to overthrow the monarchy. A 
victory of an Islamist-inspired movement in Syria is not what Jordan 
wants; and the last thing the Saudis want is a fellow monarchy, right on 
their borders, overthrown by Islamists. And these factors are even more 
concerning to the Jordanian (and thus the Saudi) monarchies if we are 
talking about radical jihadists.

For the record, I see both Saudi Arabia and Al Qaida, despite the 
opposing relations with imperialism, as enemies of the Arab revolutions, 
from differing angles. It might well suit me to claim that Saudi Arabia 
was backing Al Qaida precisely in order to undermine the Syrian 
revolution, as part of a drive to make it more Sunni-sectarian. It seems 
the Saudis did have that aim earlier in the Syrian uprising, not with Al 
Qaida, but with more "national" Salafists, but got their fingers burnt 
precisely due to the rise of Al Qaida within this "space" and thus 
swapped to their current strategy. The main problem with making this 
assertion, however, is that I think our views ought to be based on 
reality, not our delusions (the even more delusional "US is backing Al 
Qaida in Syria" is too absurd to even bother with).

But at the end of the day, my main point was that this lapse is what 
showed me how stupid the tunnel story was. 

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