[Marxism] Is Putin Really Planning To Bomb Saudi Arabia? And Syrian rebels with sarin tripping in tunnels ...

Daniel Rocha danieldiniz at gmail.com
Wed Sep 11 07:34:35 MDT 2013

I tried and found, that indeed Al-Nusra is an associate of Al-Qaida, though
its objective is to implement a sunni pan arabic caliphate, with an extreme
conservative interpretaion of sharia. A caliphate is a kingdom, and as
such, it has governors, just like a kingdom has dukes. It doesn't
necessarily exclude the participation of dynasties from the monarchies of
the gulf as governors.

Such is the case that Saudi's indeed donate money to Al Qaeda and
associates, as it was exposed by wikileaks:


2013/9/10 Michael Karadjis <mkaradjis at gmail.com>

> First, try googling for Saudi backing of Al-Nusra.

Daniel Rocha - RJ
danieldiniz at gmail.com

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