[Marxism] Is Putin Really Planning To Bomb Saudi Arabia? And Syrian rebels with sarin tripping in tunnels ...

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Sep 11 08:00:53 MDT 2013

On 9/11/13 9:50 AM, Daniel Rocha wrote:
> Since it were multiple attacks, it means that there were people operating
> in different places. From the testimony, it says that due carelessness with
> one container, the others were detonated, which corroborates with a radio
> triggered attack.

You are confused, Daniel. The "accident" version referred to one 
location. The "on purpose" version from Ray McGovern might apply but he 
made no attempt to provide any evidence. He just asked his readers to 
take him at his word because he had "sources" that told him so. This is 
the world of Judith Miller and Paul Wolfowitz but deployed on behalf of 
the left. I reject bullshit from whatever its source.

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