[Marxism] Is Putin Really Planning To Bomb Saudi Arabia? And Syrian rebels with sarin tripping in tunnels ...

Michael Karadjis mkaradjis at gmail.com
Wed Sep 11 09:07:56 MDT 2013

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> So, you don't believe in the leaks?

Huh? Seeing your link I thought, OK, here's somethingthat might have 
some evidence I wasn;t aware of. So I read through three pages and found 
nothing of the sort. In an article from 2010, before the Syrian uprising 
began, in an article that doesn't even refer to Syria (and thus the very 
specific reasons I gave as to why the Saudis especially don't want to 
support jihadis there), and which certainly doesn;t touch on anything as 
major as supplying chemical weapons, we read that *private Saudi 
citizens* are suspected of funding various extremist groups, such as the 
Taliban (which we know the Saudi state did support in the past, but 
which explicitly does *not* have any agenda outside of Afganistan), and 
one of which is Al Qaida. The article then also talked about how Saudi 
Arabia and the US were cooperating to beef up the state's ability to 
stop this.

Why did you waste my time by telling me to read all that?

> What is the problem in funding your
> enemy?

Good god, imagine anyone thinking there was any problem with funding 
your enemy, or even perhaps supplying them with chemical weapons.

> Religious ideologies or nearly all non socialist ideologies are
> secondary or at most instrumental to primitive accumulation.

Yeh, likely we'll see Israel begin selling chemical weapons to Hamas and 
Hezbollah just to make a buck, you know what capitalists are like.

> You can
> interpret that action as al Qaeda asking for more support, more money 
> from
> Saudis.

Interpret what action?

When, in what context might al Qaida be allegedly asking for even "more" 
money from the Saudis, on top of all the money that you haven't shown 
they've been providing? Was the "action" that of not receiving the 
chemical weapons the Saudis provided because the FSA bumblers tripped 
over and spilt thr sarin (perhaps al-Qaida had a spy in the FSA that 
tripped them up), as a way of asking the Saudis to supply them nuclear 

> Just like the 2nd intifada was interrupted when  Mahmoud Abbas got
> enough money to shut up.


And then when I point out that Syria is extremely close to Saudi Arabia, 
separated only by smallish Jordan, you try to give my a geography 
lesson, telling me that Iraq is there too. Yes, from eastern Syria you 
can cross Iraq to get to SA, but from south central Syria, like near 
Damascus, you cross the narrowest part of Jordan. Your point was 
entirely irrelevant, sow why make it?

Let's cut to the chase: you believe its not proven who carried out the 
chemical attack. Fine, the discussion here is not about who has absolute 
proof. The discussion was about a particular hair-brained theory 
involving Saudi Arabia, the FSA, al-Qaida, tunnels, tripping and 
spilling sarin, and somehow that spilled sarin getting to 8 villages, 
and all the rest.

I simply made the point that the Saudi *regime* (not some private 
citizens) supplying chemical weapons to Al-Qaida made the story 
immediately unbelievable. You are apparently so attached to the 
particular story that you claim it is normal to arm you arch enemies 
with chemical weapons, you dig up irrelevant articles from 2010 that 
don;t mention Syria, and you try to give geography lessons that are 

Why not use your creative energies to try cooking up your own 
alternative conspiracy theory instead? It could hardly have more holes 
than the one you're defending. 

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