[Marxism] The limits of capitalist democracy

Peggy Dobbins pegdobbins at gmail.com
Wed Sep 11 16:43:53 MDT 2013

I read this whole essay.  He seems to think some sort of updated soviets of workers can advance beyond, if not resolve, the crises  the capitalist mode of production accelerates upon the masses of humans today.  Does he realize what he is advocating?  that the declining proportion of the mass of humanity who are fortunate enough to be actual members of the proletariat, to have labor power to sell for which there are buyers, assume the leadership of a Proletarian revolution ... as the bourgeoisie did before them?  We've been hearing of the new privileged class of employees  , the managers, segued with labor aristocrats  as capitalism's alternative to proletarian democracy since the 1950's.  Now, maybe the vestigial proletariat has the necessary power to take control of the state.   But oh dear,  they are few compared with the rest of us.  those with nothing to sell but their labor power, those who possess the commodity, labor power, today for whom there are customers, don't act interested in unions much less soviets.  and they tend to get bonuses, stock options, pensions.  They are big on teamwork and collaboration.  But I hear and see very little sentiment OR enlightened self interest in All for One and One for All that includes the expanding "class?" formerly called lumpen or industrial reserve army of longtime un- or still not yet- employed.  Those with marketable skills ARE exploited, yes.    they are paid enough to buy all they want ( want as desire or need) of the products (embodying  much less labor time of  others) to reproduce their labor power, and this is equivalent to a minuscule amount of the time they devote to maximizing their "employer's profit, or perhaps more aptly put,  maximizing the current market price of a share of the corporate name under which they labor.

We have a long way to go to get back to applying what Marx wrote to tasks like improving the general plight of humanity.

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> Capitalist democracy is a compromise between the classes, a concession won generally by workers' struggles. While democratic rights have to be defended at every turn, ...

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