[Marxism] Saul Landau, Maker of Films With Leftist Edge, Dies at 77 (NY Times)

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Saul Landau shot a part of a documentary at my house.  The subject was
Jerry Rubin.  Later, he told me that he discarded the project, because he
was put off by Rubin.

Actually Rubin was not a funny guy, but he did a good job of carrying out
Stewart Alpert's ideas.  Alpert was a very under-appreciated part of the

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> Louis Proyect wrote
> I had a day-long exchange of emails with Landau a few months ago after he
> wrote an article alluding to Syria's "well-stocked" restaurants as proof
> that the revolt had no justification. To give credit where credit is due, I
> always found his articles on Cuba tip-top. Furthermore, unlike Foster who
> has never replied to any challenges I put to him (who can blame him, I
> suppose), Landau did not adopt the usual elitist stance that he was "above"
> tangling with the hoi polloi. He will be missed.
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> In about 1960 I participated in a study group on Cuba co-led by Robert
> Sheer and Saul Landau at the old abandoned Capp St. church in SF. For
> anyone interested, Saul's collected conversations over the years at
> http://video.csupomona.edu/**streaming-old/inc/ht_index.**html<http://video.csupomona.edu/streaming-old/inc/ht_index.html>include Gore Vidal, Robert Fisk, Robert Sheer, Richard Falk, Walden Bello,
> Alexander Cockburn, Chalmers Johnson, Dahr Jamail and Jeffery St. Clair,
> among many others.
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