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Kerry's job is to sound passionate. He famously called Bashar his 'dear
friend. ' Have you seen the pictures of the Assad's and the Kerry's dining
together, just the four of them?

When Obama wants to put a 16 year old on his kill list and dispatch a
drone, he just does it, and code pink be damned. If Obama wanted to hit
back at Assad he could have just done it. And Cameron didn't need to go to
the Commons either. Now both have very good excuses for not striking Assad,
and you may applaud their actions, but their actions don't prove that they
really want to hit Assad.

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> If Obama doesn't really want to attack then why would Kerry be so
> passionate about needing to go to war? Is he acting for his own views
> against what Obama really wants? That doesn't make sense to me.
> And why did Obama not make the offer from Russia/Syria out to be a major
> victory for him instead of the whole administration playing it down and
> clearly setting it up to fail so they can strike?
> Him being such a opportunist also makes me question your statement. It
> backs why he would be hesitant to go to war knowing it is unpopular but
> would not make sense with his reaction to the peaceful solution.
> Tristan
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