[Marxism] Overpopulation Is Not the Problem

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Sep 14 16:14:28 MDT 2013

On 9/14/13 6:02 PM, Bonnie Wenistein wrote:
> Overpopulation Is Not the Problem
> By Erle C. Ellis
> Baltimore—Many scientists believe that by transforming the earth’s
> natural landscapes, we are undermining the very life support systems
> that sustain us. Like bacteria in a petri dish, our exploding numbers
> are reaching the limits of a finite planet, with dire consequences.
> Disaster looms as humans exceed the earth’s natural carrying
> capacity. Clearly, this could not be sustainable.
> This is nonsense.

Actually, this guy writes nonsense. Here are some of his pearls of wisdom:


While there is nothing particularly good about a planet hotter than our 
ancestors ever experienced -- not to mention one free of wild forests or 
wild fish -- it seems all too evident that human systems are prepared to 
adapt to and prosper in the hotter, less biodiverse planet that we are 
busily creating. The "planetary boundaries" hypothesis asserts that 
biophysical limits are the ultimate constraints on the human 
enterprise.1 Yet the evidence shows clearly that the human enterprise 
has continued to expand beyond natural limits for millennia. Indeed, the 
history of human civilization might be characterized as a history of 
transgressing natural limits and thriving.

Frank Furedi could not have put it better.

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