[Marxism] Chipotle Promotes Self, Better Farming Practices With Eerie Video - Truthdig

michael yates mikedjyates at msn.com
Sat Sep 14 16:14:53 MDT 2013

When I wrote the essay on Chipotle Louis posted, I hadn't ever eaten in one of its stores. Recently, I did. What surprised me was that the food was served assembly line style, with servers plopping food onto a plate or onto a burrito. The food itself was tasteless. Luckily I had salsa on it, or it would have been slightly above average cafeteria food. I read recently that Chipotle might be preparing to start using meat from animals treated with antibiotics. It is hard to find accurate information on this.

There is no limit to the slop people in the US will eat. And no limit to the amount of it they will eat. In Capital, Marx writes about the adulteration of the food workers consumed, anything to keep the price low and reduce the value of labor power. His analysis is as valid today as ever. Low quality, cheap food, combined with the stress of poverty and low income all combine to generate obesity and disease. Chipotle has taken this sorry state of affairs and carved out a tremendously profitable niche. A few steps above Taco Bell, a little more expensive, and food not so corrupted (though full of calories), all combined with slick advertising and low wages. 		 	   		  

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