[Marxism] comment on sabotage in Venezuela

michael a. lebowitz mlebowit at sfu.ca
Sun Sep 15 15:10:08 MDT 2013

 From Zoe Clara Dutka [NACLA 10 Sept 2013] reposted in 
www.venezuelanalysis.com [http://venezuelanalysis.com/analysis/10012]:

In order to make sense of this foggy feeling, I spoke to someone who 
never labored under illusions of what the government's role is. The 
author Roland Denis was imprisoned in 1989 under the nefarious regime 
prior to Chávez known for its massive corruption. He later served as 
Vice Minister of Planning from 2001-03, and knows too much about 
administration to be surprised by the less appealing aspects of power.

"When you begin to analyze any government in depth, sooner or later you 
will realize it's a disaster," Denis said with conviction. He describes 
the state itself as an inherently conservative structure. The more 
resources it handles, the more self-serving people are drawn to it like 
flies to honey.

Last week a widespread power outage plunged 14 states and Caracas into 
panic, rendering the Metro temporarily out of order. Denis ensures that 
the blackout had little to do with a lack of infrastructure, as the 
opposition claims. "Of course its sabotage," he says. "Everyone knows 
that if you're chavista and you work in CORPOELEC [the state electric 
company], you have to keep your beliefs clandestine. What we're seeing 
now is what I call the subjectivity of resignation. They [the 
oppositional forces inside and outside the government] are creating a 
wave of chaos... people begin to complain about [public] services and 
scarcity, so that any change might be a welcome change. But if you can 
only see one faulty detail at a time, it will make no sense...."

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