[Marxism] David Bacon essay on strawberry workers in California

michael yates mikedjyates at msn.com
Mon Sep 16 13:09:41 MDT 2013


This story lays bare the lie of "free labor" in a forceful manner. These workers are refugees from economic deprivation in Mexico, but they are, in effect, incarcerated in the workplaces, and at best semi-free. Workers who protest or are in the country without documents are deported and often interred for months at a time. Some of the laborers Bacon describes here are living in what were once camps for Japanese Americans.

Isn't there a connection between these displaced persons and all of the refugees from the wars in Syria and many other places. Aren't Assad and his ilk just these workers' employers writ large? The Egyptian government is locking up workers too, and Assad seems to wreak special havoc on working people and their families, those who have been succumbing more and more to economic deprivation. Seems a short step from unfree wage worker to imprisoned (or dead) former worker.

The remarkable thing is that all of these wretched of the earth do sometimes fight back, with great courage, even in the face of almost certain defeat.

On another matter, how can anyone imagine that the forces of democracy have prevented US intervention against Assad? First off, the US would surely be happy to have Assad or someone like him in power. Second, the notion that this move will somehow force a diplomatic solution is foolish. What would those rebelling gain from this? I am not opposed to a ceasefire and talks, but why would these be sponsored by the US and Russia, both countries run by the worst kind of rogues? 		 	   		  

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