[Marxism] The cruel optimist | Mada Masr

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Tue Sep 17 08:17:46 MDT 2013

Haytham Mohamadeen is not happy. He has caught — or rather, been given — 
a cold.

“It was the district attorney who did it!” he proclaims, nasally.

The labor lawyer and activist was pulled off a microbus on his way to 
Suez to talk to workers earlier this month, and kept for three nights in 
a police station. There, he met the district attorney, and the district 
attorney’s vicious air conditioning, and was interrogated for hours in 
temperatures of 15 degrees centigrade, having only minutes before been 
locked up in a balmy 6 x 6 square meter police cell with another 22 men. 
Hence the vitriol against the district attorney.

There are still charges against Mohamadeen, who is accused of heading a 
secret group known as the Revolutionary Socialists, attempting to change 
the government using terrorist means and creating a group (again, the 
Revolutionary Socialists) with the aim of “making one class dominate the 

full: http://www.madamasr.com/content/cruel-optimist

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