[Marxism] SOS Appeal from Moadamiyeh, Damascus Province

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Wed Sep 18 15:52:01 MDT 2013

(from Facebook, via Syrian journalist Salwa Amor)




SOS appeal to international humanitarian and aid organisations from
Moadamiyeh, Damascus province. 


18-09-2013: Twelve thousand citizens, including 2,900 children, are close to
death in Moadamiyeh, with Coordinating Moadamiyeh issuing an urgent appeal
to international aid organisations and humanitarian bodies for immediate
humanitarian intervention to provide humanitarian aid in the form of food,
medicine, clean water and essential basics which have been denied to the
people of Moadamiyeh for over ten months by a crippling regime siege. 


The organisation representing Moadamiyeh besieged residents, Coordinating
Moadamiyeh Sham, is issuing this appeal, to be sent to the United Nations,
the international community and all regional and international humanitarian
and aid organisations, calling on these leaders and bodies to meet their
responsibilities by putting presssure on the Assad regime to lift the
barbaric siege on the city. 


The appeal says: 


"We, the people of Moadamiyeh and local council representatives of the city,
demand that the UN, the international community and all the human rights and
humanitarian organisations and bodies assume their responsibilities by
pressuring the Assad regime to lift the brutal siege imposed on the
residents of Moadamiyeh for over 10 months and to work urgently to bring
humanitarian convoys to save the remaining city residents and their
children. Several deaths have already been documented due to malnutrition
and lack of adequate medical care. We pledge to ensure the full protection
of all humanitarian workers and humanitarian convoy personnel, having
already proven our aibility to protect delegates and staff of international
organisations more than once, most recently to the United Nations Special
Investigative Commission personnel collecting evidence on the chemical
weapons massacre on August 21st. 


We pledge to deliver this aid only to civilians trapped inside the city;
these number more than 12,000 people, including around 2,900 children and
300 women. There are a number of vulnerable elderly people, as well as
around 950 people who desperately need specialist medical care which we are
unable to provide. 


It is noteworthy that the regime of Bashar al Assad, in cooperation with his
'People's Committee,' has prevented several humanitarian aid convoys from
the United Nations, the World Food Program and other humanitarian


For God's sake, help us and save our children from this slow and obscene


From: Moadamiyeh Sham



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