[Marxism] Marea Socialista on Syria

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 18 22:00:55 MDT 2013

As I said when sharing this on Facebook:

INCREDIBLE statement on Syria by the Venezuelan group Marea Socialista:
Wonderful analysis of the global and regional roots of the revolution, of
the political forces involved; demolishes the lies of the
"anti-imperialist" pseudo-left; backs the multiparty Arab revolutionary
statement -- and calls for a revival of genuine socialist internationalism!
Please share!


>From the conclusion:

"we cannot limit ourselves to expressing our rejection of imperialist
intervention and solidarity with the Syrian people in their struggle. There
are many of us in the world who have, since the beginning of the Arab
Spring, supported unconditionally these revolts. But we have so far done so
in isolation from each other, each in our own countries, where we live. For
we who struggle against capital, the recovery of the internationalist
tradition is a fundamental task in order to confront the new times that are
emerging today. A first step in reviving this tradition is the need to
create spaces for discussion and for joint action and solidarity that has
an international impact.

If we do not act, the position of those sectors of the Left in the world
who support the Syrian regime will represent a debt that the mass movement
will make all those who situate themselves on the left pay, without

It is necessary for the voice of the radical Left to be heard on the level
of its real power. So that the peoples who are struggling in the world can
see that there is a different Left; plural, democratic, anticapitalist,
genuinely committed against imperialist brutality and against all forms of

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