[Marxism] Marea Socialista on Syria

Suresh borhyaenid at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 18 23:38:07 MDT 2013

It's pretty funny that Louis Proyect and his allies are so passionate on Syria.

Considering that Mr. Proyect just admitted that he hasn't been paying attention to President Maduro and Venezuela. 

Got that? Venezuela, which was a major focus, if not *the* focus of Marxmail during much of the last decade has fallen off the map. So, Marxist fashions change just like they do on the runway of the bourgeois fashion industry.

Who cares about what happens in Caracas is the current mentality. Imagine this same mindset during the 1980's. One moment the left in the U.S. would be supporting the Sandinistas against the Contras, the next they'd forget about them and focus on Solidarity in Poland, and hopefully report how Polish trade unions could be a revolutionary force.

Anyone who's intellectually honest can see that the post-Trotskyist left's position on the Syrian civil war is not serious, at all. It's not serious in the same way that Proyect's support for Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution wasn't serious, considering he can't even be bothered, in his early senior years, to pay attention to what's happening there. 

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