[Marxism] Request for literature on post-capitalist 'commons'

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 23 07:02:09 MDT 2013

Very glad you're doing this seminar.

On the one hand, the people most visibly addressing this question are the
anarchists and autonomists, who unfortunately conflate post-revolution
commons (what we would call a commune) with building common space before a
revolution, or even instead of it.

But they must be engaged with.

As for Marxist approaches, I think the most interesting and important angle
is  the new thought being given to social reproduction, i.e. reminding
people of what revolutions at their best did re child/health/elder care,
the dramatically new potential to do more and better, and how that relates
to the fact that the hottest labor struggles today are in precisely that
sphere (e.g. nurses, teachers, home care workers, etc.).


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> Hi comrades,
> For a Maputo seminar next week, we are seeking some fresh ideas on the way
> 'the commons' is being conceptualised by anti-capitalists (of various
> stripes - we're keeping a fairly big tent open given the diverse
> participants). Who has been putting together good material we can learn
> from?
> If anyone's interested and available in NYC next weekend, by the way,
> we'll be having discussions about urban politics - and some potential sites
> of commoning - at the New School with other comrades from SA, Brazil and
> India. It's open but do register, please: http://www.rosalux-nyc.org/**
> urban-convergences/ <http://www.rosalux-nyc.org/urban-convergences/>
> Cheers,
> Patrick
> Durban, http://ccs.ukzn.ac.za
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