[Marxism] Now I'm being accused of secretly being Scott Lucas!

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Scott Lucas is secretly Clay Claiborn.

"Clay Claiborn" is so obviously a faked CIA cover name; nobody real could be named "Clay Claiborn".  The CIA often uses a cover name with a repetition of some part of the name to make it easier for the agent to remember.  "Clay"  "Clai"born.  Get it?

Further, there is now incontrovertible evidence that Scott Lucas, while carrying canisters of Sarin gas, assisted by other jihadi enemies of our beloved inspired leader President Assad, pretended to stumble in order to break open the canisters of Sarin gas underneath Ghouta.  

We now know that this Sarin was provided by the Saudi Arabian intelligence service, Mukhabarat Al A'amah [General Intelligence Presidency] via Montenegrin radical Muslim extremists, so that the White Guard pygmies and gnats who have been organized into a U.S. Imperialist conspiratorial action center by assorted jihadi Trotskyite wreckers and Fascist spies, would have an opening to hurl further despicable slanders at our beloved President Assad, he whose wisdom is higher than the Pamirs.

What more evidence could any reasonable person possibly want?

While Agent Claiborn escapes the tunnel, protected by his CIA furnished gas mask, he leaves behind the children of Ghouta, no longer able to smile and sing "Thank You Dear Comrade Assad for a Happy Childhood!" 

Struggle Sharply!


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>From the commentt section of Sharmine Narwani's
>Questions Plague UN Report on
>>  Submitted by Juan (not verified) on Tue, 2013-09-24 16:54.
>> Clay is most probably Scott Lucas. He's an American living in Birmingham
>> (UK) who receives a lot of funding to write pro-American propaganda. He
>> supports US foreign policy on almost all key issues and he is utterly
>> dishonest.
>> This is a really good article by Sharmin Narwani, but I bet she will be
>> attacked by western backed mercenaries left and right.

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