[Marxism] Jehovah's Witnesses on political action

Ken Hiebert knhiebert at shaw.ca
Thu Sep 26 09:11:41 MDT 2013

A neighbour of mine is visited from time to time by Jehovah's Witnesses.  (If I see them in time, I phone and warn her.)  So the JW publications find their way to me.  I have been struck by how openly they oppose political action.  And not just political action that has minority support.  Judging from the first article below, they are quite willing to oppose the consensus around the civil rights movement.

For me the point is not that that they have a reactionary view, but that they sense a broad sympathy for political action and feel the need to take it on directly.

					ken h

Is Protest the Answer?


As the Bible long ago acknowledged, we live in “a world where some people have power and others have to suffer under them.” (Ecclesiastes 8:9, Good News Translation)


“I No Longer Feel That I Have to Change the World”

"I’ve gained peace of mind by leaving matters in Jehovah’s hands." 

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