[Marxism] Syrian Revolution Commentary and Analysis

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He [or she] who has not understood this has understood nothing.


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>On 9/26/13 12:56 PM, Shane Mage wrote:
>> And so what once were ordinary parts of the sectarian Left sink into the
>> Pabloite quicksand of the "Arab Revolution."
>For newcomers to Marxmail and to Marxism in general, Pablo was a hot 
>cereal very popular in the 50s that was marketed primarily to infants. 
>It became a term of abuse in the Trotskyist Fourth International during 
>the debate over the causes of the split in the Ceylonese section with 
>the Healyites blaming Ernest Mandel for introducing the treacherous Bala 
>Tampoe to Pablo cereal. Like Mandel, Tampoe suffered from ill-fitting 
>and painful dentures. When Mandel learned of his woes, he brought over a 
>carton of Pablo cereal that alleviated the Trotskyist leader's 
>sufferings. That opened the door to Mandel's rotten revision of 
>Trotskyism that would permeate the entire Fourth International starting 
>with Ceylon and finally sinking roots in the American SWP. Of all the 
>members, only Tim Wolforth, Jim Robertson and Shane Mage were spared 
>from the Pabloite degeneration.
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