[Marxism] Venezuela: A day with Nicolas Maduro

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    Venezuela: A day with Nicolas Maduro

*Nicolas Maduro* interviewed by Spain's /El Viejo Topo's / *Víctor Ríos* 
and *Miguel Riera*, translated by by *Tamara Pearson*

September 26, 2013 -- Very little is known about Nicolas Maduro, 
president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, in Spain. [There's] 
scarcely four lines, mainly contributed by the mass media which is 
hostile to the revolutionary process. Spain's /El Viejo Topo/ wanted to 
get to know him, and the Venezuelan president accepted the interview 
without any hassles.

But the invitation from Maduro wasn't limited to just an interview. 
Immersed in what has been baptised the "Street Government", the 
president has been visiting, over the last 100 days of his government, 
all the nooks and crannies of his country. Practically every day he has 
visited a different place, accompanied by some minister, taking note of 
the principle problems in the area, talking with people, approving 
projects. One could say that during this period the government of 
Venezuela has had a somewhat itinerant character -- something surprising 
for us, as we're used to a Spanish president who has so little contact 
with the people that he talks to the press through a plasma screen, 
hiding his physical presence from the mortal journalists.

Well then, the president invited a team from /El Viejo Topo/ to 
accompany him during one of these work days, and in that way, as that 
day progressed, the interview would be held. It was a unique chance to 
observe up close the Venezuelan head of state.

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