[Marxism] The shamelessness of Robert Fisk

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Sep 28 07:15:22 MDT 2013

 From his latest Independent column:

Only Georgios and his friend Hanna and a few other local Christian men 
who joined the “national defence” units to defend their homes, are left. 
At least 10 Christians were murdered when the Nusra militia began its 
series of attacks on Maaloula on 4 September, some of them shot – 
according to Hanna – when they refused to convert to Islam, others 
dispatched with a knife in the throat.


There is absolutely no evidence that anybody was killed for refusing to 
convert to Islam in Maaloula. Fisk is being cagey here. He can say 
"according to Hanna", a member of a pro-government militia, as a way of 
saying that it might not have happened but the damage is done. The 
reader of this "leftist" newspaper will conclude that something like 
this actually happened.

A search of Nexis reveals nothing about forced conversions, beheadings, etc.

In fact, despite the lurid headline on a NYT article about Christians 
under attack in Syria, the article contained the following:

On Saturday, rebels seized the town. One leader was filmed telling his 
men to safeguard civilians and churches. Another video showed masked 
rebels with grenade launchers saying they had entered for “military 
reasons” because the checkpoint was “harming Muslims.”

The government has been shelling near the hotel and a monastery, 
according to rebels and Russia Today, an official television outlet that 
supports Mr. Assad. Rebels say they pulled out of the town to minimize 
the damage; others say they still occupy much of it.

The nuns could not tell what was happening outside but heard shelling 
and rocks falling from the cliffs, Mother Sayaf said. She tried to look 
on the bright side, seeing evidence of miracles.

“Neither crosses nor statues were broken,” she said. “I’ve never seen 
anything like it.”

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