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Several times, de Blasio cited Governor Andrew Cuomo’s management style 
in Albany as a model to follow. Cuomo’s approach to labor negotiations 
has been “much more consensus-oriented, much more respectful to labor, 
yet has gotten the result—more so than, in many cases, Bloomberg did 
with a more contentious approach,” the mayoral hopeful noted. “I think 
you can be smart and directed and focused, without being obnoxious, and 
get plenty done.”


Counterpunch April 13, 2011
Meet Chris Christie's Soul Mate
Cuomo the Cutter

When liberals and progressives have nowhere to go, New York’s new 
Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo can move toward the corporatist-right 
of the political spectrum with impunity. Brandishing an inherited $10 
billion state deficit, Cuomo has earned the following description in the 
April 7th edition of The New York Times:

"He has clashed with unions, who he believes have helped drive the state 
toward bankruptcy. He has been praised by prominent conservatives like 
Sarah Palin and Rudolph W. Giuliani. And he has taken thousands of 
dollars in campaign money from the New York billionaire David H. Koch, 
who with his family has helped finance the Tea Party movement….

"The man who began public life advocating for homeless people won 
passage of a state budget that makes steep cuts to schools, health care 
and social services. In a year when Wall Street posted record profits, 
Mr. Cuomo finally rejected a politically popular income tax surcharge on 
the wealthy."

Praised by the Wall Street Journal and the republican raptor, New Jersey 
Governor Chris Christie, who calls Andrew Cuomo "my soul mate," the son 
of moral vision orator, former Governor Mario Cuomo, is on a roll 
unchallenged by his fellow Democrats and the media. Using the 
deficit—which is far less per capita than Connecticut’s deficit—he 
revels in being "Cuomo the cutter": "I am a realist… Forget the 
philosophy. Here are the numbers."

full: http://www.counterpunch.org/2011/04/13/cuomo-the-cutter/

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