[Marxism] Socialist Action secedes from internationalism, joins tankies

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Apr 1 14:17:44 MDT 2014

On 4/1/14 2:27 PM, Matthew Russo wrote:
> Well, shame on Jeff Mackler.  It is not like he couldn't find better
> perspectives to compare with from organizations in the Trotskyist
> tradition.  Even his old nemises in The Militant come off better.  Here is
> the operative line:

Well, of course the article in the Militant does get closer to the truth 
but considering the provenance I have to resist calling for the Russian 
invasion of Ukraine.

The sad truth is that the spread of crypto-Stalinism on the left has 
been aided by the intellectual and organizational collapse of the SWP. 
When I joined in 1967, the party was able to finance and staff 
Intercontinental Press that carried news of the Soviet bloc dissident 
movements on a weekly basis. George Shriver (party name Saunders) 
translated most of the material and after he was purged he went on to 
provide translations for the Bukharin books I have reviewed in the past.

This idiotic rallying around the BRICS is really quite catching. If I 
could turn the clock back, I would have not taken the same tone and 
cherry-picked so much when I wrote about Yugoslavia. Going through the 
Marxmail archives, I found myself sneering about Ukraine's "Orange 

Yesterday I was reflecting on how so much of the left finds itself 
having a political orgasm over Putin's neo-Romanov bullying. In essence 
it is the same thing that drew people my age in the 60s to Maoism. Mao 
was the number one bogeyman of the American ruling class, so why 
wouldn't you make common cause with him? Especially when joining a group 
like Progressive Labor or the October League meant defending Stalin. It 
was a way for 19 year old Harvard students to epater la bourgeoisie 
until of course it came time to settle down and get a job with a white 
shoes law firm.

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