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Wed Apr 2 09:08:59 MDT 2014

Reposted by Dugin himself

His ideas of conservative revolution are adapted from German interwar
thinkers who promoted the destruction of the individualistic liberal
order and the commercial culture of industrial and urban civilization
in favor of a new order based on conservative values such as the
submission of individual needs and desires to the needs of the many, a
state-organized economy, and traditional values for society based on a
quasi-religious view of the world. For Dugin, the prime example of a
conservative revolution was the radical, Nazi-sponsored north Italian
Social Republic of Salò (1943-45). Indeed, Dugin continuously returned
to what he saw as the virtues of Nazi practices and voiced
appreciation for the SS and Herman Wirth's occult Ahnenerbe group. In
particular, Dugin praised the orthodox conservative-revolutionary
projects that the SS and Ahnenerbe developed for postwar Europe, in
which they envisioned a new, unified Europe regulated by a feudal
system of ethnically separated regions that would serve as vassals to
the German suzerain. It is worth noting that, among other projects,
the Ahnenerbe was responsible for all the experiments on humans in the
Auschwitz and Dachau concentration camps.

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