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Another excerpt from the same article

But Dugin's neo-Eurasianism differs significantly from previous
Eurasianist thought. First, Dugin conceives of Eurasia as being much
larger than his predecessors ever did. For example, whereas Savitskii
believed that the Russian-Eurasian state should stretch from the Great
Wall of China in the east to the Carpathian Mountains to the west,
Dugin believes that the Eurasian state must incorporate all of the
former Soviet states, members of the socialist block, and perhaps even
establish a protectorate over all EU members. In the east, Dugin
proposes to go as far as incorporating Manchuria, Xinxiang, Tibet, and
Mongolia. He even proposes eventually turning southwest toward the
Indian Ocean.

In order to include Europe in Eurasia, Dugin had to rework the enemy.
In classical Eurasianist thought, the enemy was the Romano-Germanic
Europe. In Dugin's version, the enemy is the United States. As he
writes: "The USA is a chimerical, anti-organic, transplanted culture
which does not have sacral state traditions and cultural soil, but,
nevertheless, tries to force upon the other continents its
anti-ethnic, anti-traditional [and] "babylonic" model." Classical
Eurasianists, by contrast, favored the United States and even
considered it to be a model, especially praising its economic
nationalism, the Monroe Doctrine, and its non-membership in the League
of Nations.

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