[Marxism] Callinicos on Ukraine

Matthew Russo russo.matthew9 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 2 12:48:19 MDT 2014

Nitpick with "Of course, the US remains the dominant imperialist power on a
world scale", from the otherwise correctly tending


The US is not even hegemonic on the world scale, much less actually
dominant.  China, Russia etc are clearly going their own way, not
voluntarily following a US lead (hegemony).  That is the gist of the
contradictions of the "counter-hegemonist" position.  The US remains the
most powerful imperialism on the planet, is what Callinocos should have

Otherwise I can endorse much of the rest.  We appear to live in a time of
very fluid and seemingly transitory political alignments, where the person
you were screaming at yesterday could end up in the same bed tomorrow, and


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