[Marxism] Thailand's red shirts

Matthew Russo russo.matthew9 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 2 16:03:19 MDT 2014

A review of an eye-witness book on Thailand's red-shirts:


I would add there is also no mention of the relation of imperialism (U.S.,
Japan, China) to the Thai situation.  My own guess is that there is not
actually much imperialist engagement within Thailand, one reason the
struggle drags on inconclusively.  And even the BBC, not known to be
adverse to Triad-style misrepresentations, describes the "yellows" as
"middle class", and generally has indicated displeasure with their openly
"anti-democratic" tack, much as the EU and the Ukraine provisional gov't
have had to react against the embarrassment of Pravy Secktor, as these
present the wrong propaganda faces (not to equate the yellows with Pravy
Secktor, of course).

The red-shirt backed Thai government, OTOH, has some faint resemblance to
the Bolivarian regime in Venezuela in terms of social basis, if not to the
extent of policies.  The absence of overt US imperialist moves against the
Thai government, marks the main apparent external difference.   But in the
final analysis these are both bourgeois national reformist regimes at best.


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