[Marxism] [Pen-l] Dugin Tells Separatists in Ukraine What to Do Next | The Interpreter

Paul Flewers trusscott.foundation at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Apr 2 17:26:08 MDT 2014

It seems that the European far-right is heavily divided over events in
Ukraine, with the division running to some extent between east and west

So the British National Party, the Front National of France, the Greek
Golden Dawn all back Russian nationalism, whereas the far-right in Poland
and the Baltic states favour Ukrainian nationalism, presumably basing their
stance on domestic anti-Russian sentiments. It could be that the Greek,
Serbian and Bulgarian ultra-right favour Russia at least partly because of
the Orthodox connection.

Jobbik in Hungary is interesting, as it backs Russia; is it because it has
some irredentist ideas for Carpatho-Ukraine?

Another exception is the Swedish fascist group Svenskarnas Parti (Swedes
Party), which sent a squad to Kiev to join in the fighting there alongside
Svoboda and the Right Sector. To complicate matters, both the pro-Russian
BNP and the pro-Ukrainian Svenskarnas Parti recently sent delegations to
Damascus that were received by the Assad regime.

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