[Marxism] Putin and the Far right

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Apr 3 06:57:45 MDT 2014

On 4/3/14 8:45 AM, Marv Gandall wrote:
> What "Ukrainian left" are you referring to? The left-wing Ukrainians
> interviewed by Links are not at all on your wave length. List
> subscriber Sergil Kutnil perhaps shares your views about the
> profoundly progressive character of Euromaidan, I can't say for sure.
> Can you provide some English-language sources to support your claim?

Dmitry Kolesnik is the "left-wing Ukrainian" referred to above. I am 
disappointed that Links would find this screwball's views worth 
repeating. As I have already indicated, he is stark, raving mad. He is 
comparing Ukraine to the Weimar Republic just before Hitler's usurpation 
of power. In terms of the Ukrainian left, let me remind Marvin that this 
includes anarchists. Here is just one of many statements that I would 
concur with: 

Kolesnik's drivel:


The main aim of far-righters is to suppress any dissent voice and real 
struggle against ‘fat cats’. It might seem a coincidence, but history 
repeats itself and in the same city. Western officials encouraged and 
promised financial aid to Ukrainian far-right groups on Sunday. An [sic] 
it happened to be in Munich again – in the city where Great Britain and 
France once betrayed Czechoslovakia permitting Nazi Germany’s annexation 
of this independent state in 1938. The Nazi monster was thoroughly 
nurtured by big business. The media in 1938 tried to whitewash the image 
of Nazism till it went out of control. And we see the same trend time 
and again. Storm-troopers are marching through the streets of Ukrainian 
cities. You probably don’t see the victims of neo-Nazi’s attacks – you 
see only suffered in clashes far-righters. Yes, one may justify the 
anger caused by corrupted government, unemployment and uncertainty, but 
the anger is skillfully channeled into neo-Nazi protest on behalf of IMF 
and austerity measures. Yes, the Weimar republic was corrupted state, 
with huge level of inflation and unemployment. But what came next was 
Nazi terror unleashed after 1933. We should keep in mind the words of 
John Kerry that he said in Munich on Sunday about ‘European future’.

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