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Thu Apr 3 08:21:06 MDT 2014

A clarifying moment indeed! Go Wolfie. And agreed, Matthew.

Although I would phrase the Egyptian clause differently, Wolf's connection
of these struggles and his rooting them in the global crisis is especially
valuable now. Was a time a couple years ago when the apparently "cleaner"
struggles in the Arab world and southern Europe made it easier to see the
common economic roots, and easier to support. So he's done us a service by
reminding us of those roots -- which are shared by the newer and/or messier
struggles. And he's forcing us to think harder about parallels in the
political outgrowths of that economic crisis, however dissimilar they seem
on the surface. And I love that he's challenging us to intervene actively
to help those in countries where those outgrowths are fucking mixed as hell
and the left isolated.

I've been agitating among friends for some kind of common
statement/action/etc. this May Day trying to reinforce the sense of mutual
global solidarity which these struggles are creating. That is, getting
labor, socialist and other movement groups to speak out and/or marching in
unison against the attacks, in favor of an alternative society, and in
rejection of the neo-Stalinist deniers and supporters of "resistance"


On Wed, Apr 2, 2014 at 5:30 PM, Matthew Russo <russo.matthew9 at gmail.com>wrote:

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> Artesian weighs in on the overall present situation:
> http://thewolfatthedoor.blogspot.com/2014/03/lunch-with-karl.html
> I find it generally agreeable.  Note the last line on Thailand, which
> parallels my own.  And now we can add Taiwan to the list in Asia.  A
> clarifying moment for many.
> -Matt
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