[Marxism] Ultrarightists attack the left in Ukraine

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Apr 3 17:35:23 MDT 2014

On 4/3/14 7:29 PM, Louis Proyect wrote:
> by Serhiy Viktorovych Zhadan

 From Wikipedia on Zhadan:

He was born in Starobilsk, Luhansk Oblast, he graduated from Kharkiv 
University in 1996, then spent three years as a graduate student of 
philology. He taught Ukrainian and world literature from 2000 to 2004, 
and thereafter retired from teaching. He lives and works in Kharkiv.

Zhadan has translated poetry from German, English, Belarusian, and 
Russian, from such poets as Paul Celan and Charles Bukowski.


Very interesting, a Bukowski translator. Just like Kirill Medvedev, the 
Russian poet and Marxist.

What will future historians make of today's left that seems in its 
majority to identify with Vladimir Putin, the macho neo-Romanov who 
would punch out any gay who got to close to him, makes political 
alliances with the Russian Orthodox clerical establishment, and leans on 
a fascist pig like Dugin for advice rather than rebellious young people 
like Zhadan and Medvedev. They'll probably need the Marxist equivalent 
of Krafft-Ebbing.

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