[Marxism] A Late-Night Phone Call Between One Of Syria’s Top Extremists And His Sworn Enemy

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Apr 4 07:05:04 MDT 2014

Among rebels and activists, Abu Ayman had “maybe the worst reputation” 
of any ISIS commander during the group’s surge in Syria last year, said 
Noah Bonsey, a Beirut-based analyst with the International Crisis Group. 
They accuse him of a special brand of savagery. He is said to have 
killed one well-liked moderate commander in cold blood last summer. 
Later, he allegedly tortured and executed another rival commander’s men, 
leaving their bodies by the roadside. When a local cleric was sent over 
to mediate, the story goes, Abu Ayman killed him too.

Abu Ayman’s notoriety is “symptomatic” of the group’s aggressive push 
for influence, Bonsey said, and its ruthlessness helped it overtake 
other rebel groups. It also imposed hardline Islamic law in the areas it 
controlled and kidnapped, tortured, and executed civilians.

“Abu Ayman, just for you to relax, I will let you know something: You 
are fighting people who don’t lie down before oppression,” Zataar said.

“Yeah?” Abu Ayman replied.

“And who will never allow anyone to subjugate one person from among the 
Syrian people,” Zataar said.

“To me, Islam is higher than the Syrian people,” Abu Ayman said.


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