[Marxism] Journal of Musicological Research (Volume 30, Issue 1, 2011)

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> Comrades,
> Would someone who is able kindly provide me with the full-text to the
> following citation? Please respond off-list.

That "Prague Congress" took place in the immediate aftermath of two  
events: The "Prague Coup" that established a totalitarian Stalinist  
dictatorship over the Czechs and Slovaks; and the Zhdanovchina, the  
Stalinist witch-hunt that began with ludicrous denunciations of the  
only three great Soviet composers--Shostakovich, Prokofiev, and  
Khachaturian--before going on to become a veritable pogrom against  
Jewish cultural figures like Mikhoels.  Western musical figures like  
Bush merited everlasting contempt--like that merited by their Nazi  
German counterpart Parteigenoss Von Karajan--for their participation  
in such a totalitarian travesty!

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