[Marxism] Venezuela: 'Colectivos' scare campaign demonises the poor

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Sun Apr 6 23:56:12 MDT 2014

Sorry, Stuart.  I misread your original article.  In any case a plague on
the media in Venezuela (and elsewhere).



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> As they are prone to do, the private media have invented a new thing. In
> both English and Spanish, they are calling it the *colectivos*.
> They are meant to be irrational, cruel, grotesque armed motorbike riders
> who "enforce" the revolution in Venezuela and are responsible for most of
> the violence afflicting the South American nation, which has left more than
> 30 people dead since February.
> The opposition barricaders are presented as the innocent victims of these
> collectivos, who apparently work with the National Guard and have the
> support of President Nicolas Maduro's government.
> The private media use the concept to demonise the real collectives in
> Venezuela -- feminist collectives, community groups, environment and
> education collectives, cultural groups, mural painters and so on. With the
> government of Hugo Chavez and now Maduro, these have grown, multiplied, and
> united around general support for the Bolivarian revolution.
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