[Marxism] A CounterPuncher Needs Our Help

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Apr 7 11:23:47 MDT 2014

A CounterPuncher Needs Our Help

CounterPunch's star writer Kristin Kolb, who pens the Daydream Nation 
column for our print magazine, has just been diagnosed with metastatic 
breast cancer. She's going to beat it, but she's going to need our help, 
too. She needs to concentrate on fighting the disease and taking care of 
her daughter--not how to pay her bills at this fraught hour. 
Fortunately, one of Kristin's friends just set up an online fundraiser 
for her. Please pony up and share the word.

Here's a note from Kristin:

"I live in Vancouver, Canada, and I have metastatic breast cancer, that 
means the nasty cells have invaded not only my right breast, but my 
body, via my lymph nodes. Women are not screened for breast cancer prior 
to 40, and I just turned 40. This was my birthday present.

"Sad story. I know, I'm sad too. BUT if you want to help me, let's raise 
the money. I've been told I'm being fast-tracked, which means that I 
won't get the best care, only the fastest. I want to go to Toronto to 
the cancer clinic there (Princess Margaret - I know, gross name) to get 
treatment. And, immediately, I also want to be able regularly to see a 
naturopath, acupuncturist, and, especially, a nutritionist, to 
supplement traditional medicine. Also, there are costly cancer 
medications. But these various things are not covered by Canadian public 
health insurance. And I'm broke. I can't afford it."

Please help us fundraise to meet these costs (they are the same as the 
are in the USA), please donate what you can.

We are all sisters and brothers. We need to help eachother. That sounds 
so trite but it's true. I love you. Thank you."

Please click here (http://www.gofundme.com/82rm48) to donate anything 
you can.

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