[Marxism] Seymour Hersh's alternate reality

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Mon Apr 7 13:46:33 MDT 2014

On 4/7/14 3:35 PM, Vladimiro Giacche' wrote:
> Thank you for sending the (interesting) report by Hersch instead of (boring) ad hominem attack on him
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I see that Charles Andrew and Vladimiro Giacche' are incapable of 
explaining what it is that impresses them so much about Hersh's 
reporting. Can you imagine if someone had written an article in 2003 
urging a war on Iraq based on an unnamed intelligence veteran's 
assurance that Saddam Hussein was developing nuclear weapons how these 
two subscribers would have reacted? Ironically, it was this piece of 
garbage Michael Maloof--most likely Hersh's primary source--was exactly 
such a source for people like Judith Miller:

Her [Judith Miller] Iraq coverage didn’t just depend on Chalabi. It also 
relied heavily on his patrons in the Pentagon. Some of these sources, 
like Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz, would occasionally talk to her on 
the record. She relied especially heavily on the Office of Special 
Plans, an intelligence unit established beneath Undersecretary of 
Defense Douglas Feith. The office was charged with uncovering evidence 
of Al Qaeda links to Saddam Hussein that the CIA might have missed. In 
particular, Miller is said to have depended on a controversial neocon in 
Feith’s office named Michael Maloof. At one point, in December 2001, 
Maloof’s security clearance was revoked. In April, Risen reported in the 
Times, “Several intelligence professionals say he came under scrutiny 
because of suspicions that he had leaked classified information in the 
past to the news media, a charge that Mr. Maloof denies.” While Miller 
might not have intended to march in lockstep with these hawks, she was 
caught up in an almost irresistible cycle. Because she kept printing the 
neocon party line, the neocons kept coming to her with huge stories and 
great quotes, constantly expanding her access.

full: http://nymag.com/nymetro/news/media/features/9226/index2.html

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