[Marxism] Ben Braam

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Tue Apr 8 14:22:22 MDT 2014

At 13:34 08-04-14 -0400, Louis Proyect wrote:
>> --
>It's like some macho guy accidentally wandering into a gay bar...

(I trust it's OK to use his name in the subject line since he requested to
be off the list anyway.)

I had to look this guy up, and sort through the namesakes even including a
leader of the right-wing VVD party. It appears this Ben Braam is associated
with the NCPN, New Communist Party of the Netherlands, a thoroughly (left-)
Stalinist party of some influence in Holland (one that actually publishes a
regular newspaper) but mainly a propaganda group with older members who
leave any actual organizing to younger activists poisoned by their
"anti-imperialist" orthodoxy. Plus they regularly run in various elections
and have won a few seats in local councils of a few small towns I had never
heard of. Their claim of 2500 members (according to the English, but not
Dutch Wikipedia) is hard to believe, but insofar as it may be true further
emphasizes the extreme inactivity of this decrepit grouping; no other
far-left group in Holland has more than about 100 members (most have much
less). I found Ben Braam's name on their website, having duly translated
Rick Rozoff into Dutch. So yes, he indeed did wander into the wrong bar,
and wanted to get the hell out before he'd be exposed to too many
disturbing ideas. 


- Jeff

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