[Marxism] Hersh and the Red Herring

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Wed Apr 9 07:45:40 MDT 2014

Hersh and the Red Herring
Dan Kaszeta
April 8, 2014

The recent article by Seymour Hersh called “The Red Line and the Rat 
Line” in the London Review of Books is a continuation of his previous 
work in this area. Although he weaves an interesting tale of intrigue, 
Mr. Hersh is still long on supposition and hearsay and short on actual 
facts. Unlike the early days after the August 21st chemical attacks in 
East Ghouta, we now have some interesting information at our disposal.

Mr. Hersh completely ignores the fact that the large majority of 
evidence clearly points to the Assad regime, not to Turkey or non-state 
actors. The weapon system used for the bulk of the East Ghouta chemical 
attack has repeatedly been noted to be used by the Syrian military, and 
has not been seen in rebel hands. A huge amount of information is 
available now on these so-called Volcano rockets, well summarized by 
Eliot Higgins. Excellent work on geolocation and bearing analysis of the 
rockets for the Zamalka attack, a Damascus suburb west of East Ghouta, 
also clearly point to launch sites from government-held terrain on 
August 21.

The Sarin used in the attacks points toward the regime as well. Physical 
evidence found by the UN/OPCW mission at the scene of the rocket attacks 
is revealing. When combined with the Assad regime’s later admissions and 
declarations of its chemical weapons program, the evidence is condemning.


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