[Marxism] The Sadness of Post-Militance: Some Reflections on Brown University?s 'New Directions in Palestine Studies' Conference

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Actually the political problem with the Palestine solidarity movement, in
the US at least, is that there are way too many PFLP supporters among the
middle-aged leadership. That of course means reinforcing pro-Assad
"neutralist" positions on Syria, and on Palestine itself, because of the
PFLP's decline into a non-strategic routine (and often into NGOs), it means
that these elders are incapable of training the youth politically.
In fact the overwhelming majority of SJP activists I know are incredibly
dedicated young hijabis who seem generally unaware of the PFLP -- which at
least means a tabula rasa for the Arab new left. On the latter, see

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> Very interesting article.
> However, I think the author is over-pessimistic in relation to the
> Palestinian movement.
> The PFLP is very much alive and kicking and up for being engaged with.
> I am always astonished about how, while the vast bulk of the hard left
> supports the Palestinian cause, the solidarity movement in the West is
> quite small and there is a great deal of reluctance to solidarise in any
> meaningful way with the PFLP.
> Part of the responsibility on Marxists in the imperialist countries is to
> support liberation movements in the Third World.  Yet, somehow, the
> Palestinian secular-revolutionary movement has never been as 'acceptable'
> as many other liberation movements in other parts of the world.  The
> evolution and fate of the PFLP is partly tied to the western left and its
> solidarity (or lack thereof).
> Phil
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