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Wed Apr 9 11:21:00 MDT 2014

Africa’s Number One Economy, For Wealth Evaporation
By Patrick Bond
April 9, 2014

Jim O’Neill – the Goldman Sachs banker who in 2001 coined the idea of a 
Brazil-Russia-India-China ‘BRIC’ serving as “building bricks of the 21st 
century world economy” – has another bright idea. He recently announced 
a new fascination with the Mexico-Indonesia-Nigeria-Turkey countries, 
which “all have very favourable demographics for at least the next 20 
years, and their economic prospects are interesting.” O’Neill is now 
completing a BBC series on the MINTs, and no doubt will profit 
handsomely from investments made in these countries’ financial assets, 
the way any scurrilous marketer does when, brandishing an 
insider-trading portfolio, he draws naïve consumers to a product with 
limited shelf life.


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