[Marxism] The latest issue of the Indian Marxist-Leninist journal, ** The Communist** dated April 2014 is out.

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Wed Apr 9 14:53:04 MDT 2014

 Dear Comrades and friends,

 The latest issue of the Indian Marxist-Leninist journal,** The Communist**  dated April 2014 is out.

 The contents are:

1. Arise Ye Mighty People 

2. African food insecurity due to Imperialism 

3. Elections or Revolution 

4. Trotskyism is not Leninism

5. Lenin: Poem by Sukanta Bhattacherya

 The price is Rs. 20 for single issue.

We can send PDF to those who wish to receive the journal in soft copy.

For receiving the soft copy, please send mail to: marxistfront at gmail.com

Visit our site at: http://otheraspect.wordpress.com/

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