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We're delighted to announce that we are now selling books directly through our website - meaning that we can offer generous discounts and free postage & packing to our customers. In addition, and where available, for every print book you buy you will receive the bundled ebook for free! Over time you can build up your own library of ebooks, hosted on the site, available to re-download as you wish to any device.

To celebrate the launch of our new online shop we will be discounting ALL BOOKS BY 50% until the 14th of April. That means you can buy recent bestsellers such as PLAYING THE WHORE: THE WORK OF SEX WORK for only ?4.49/$7.47; UTOPIA OR BUST: A GUIDE TO THE PRESENT CRISIS for ?4.49/$7.47; and Arun Kundnani's THE MUSLIMS ARE COMING! for ?7.49/$13.47 - with free postage and packing.

We're proud that our radical publishing has stood the test of time and continues to go from strength to strength. We know that our core readership would like to support radical publishing directly, and we hope that this new approach will benefit our writers, readers, and others across the industry.

Also available at discounted prices, and with bundled ebooks, are Verso classics like Benedict Anderson's IMAGINED COMMUNITIES, Mike Davis's PLANET OF SLUMS, Norman Finkelstein's THE HOLOCAUST INDUSTRY, and Claire Bishop's ARTIFICIAL HELLS, plus iconic thinkers such as Slavoj ?i?ek, Jacqueline Rose, Frederic Jameson, Judith Butler, Jacques Ranci?re, Ellen Meiksins Wood, and many others.

Thanks for supporting independent radical publishing!


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