[Marxism] Please aid an imprisoned Iranian union organizer

michael yates mikedjyates at msn.com
Sat Apr 12 18:48:13 MDT 2014

An Iranian friend sent me this letter. Please consider signing the petition linked below (second link):

I am writing this to first inform you of a threat that is facing 
Shahrukh Zemani, a labor activist in Iran. Shahrukh has been in jail 

for few years now and recently entered a hunger strike. His sole 
“crime” is his political activities relating to organizing unions. 
Shahrukh went on hunger strike after authorities decided to remove him 
from political prisoners’ ward into a ward full of dangerous prisoners. 
He has been on hunger strike for about 37 days now. Shahrukh has lost 
about 70 pounds so far. 
I am asking you to write a few sentences to condemn Shahrukh’s 
detention as well as for prisons’ authorities not granting his demand 
of being returned to political prisoners’ ward. 
Here are few English links about Shahrukh: 



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