[Marxism] NATO's eastward expansion

Ralph Johansen mdriscollrj at charter.net
Sun Apr 13 13:15:46 MDT 2014

  * Louis Proyect wrote


In the minds of people like Renee Parsons, Pepe Escobar, John Rees, and 
Michel Chossudovsky--and apparently Marvin Gandall as well---there is no 
class struggle, only a geopolitical chess game in which the West is 
black and the East is white. Her business about the 144 tons of gold is 
just perfect. These kinds of people tend to monetarist interpretations 
in the same way that Ezra Pound became fixated on gold. In fact, you get 
the same nonsensical analysis on the nutty rightist Rense website: 


What may be 'pathetic' is that this sort of dispute seems to go on and 
on without resolution or much insight. Of course, class struggle is 
there all the time. But to try to imagine productive struggle of any 
sort by the working class without taking into account the effect on the 
course of that struggle of the activity of transnational capital, that 
'chess game', in its geopolitical designs to overcome all opposition to 
hegemony of a sector of that capital, on opposing capital as well as on 
the working class world-wide, is to counsel defeat. The combined 
centralizing and centrifugal motion of capital in its destructive course 
can only be adequately studied and appropriately broadened/focused in a 
dialectical framework, in which all relevant forces are related in their 
inter-connectivity, those of sectors of capital and the enforced 
divisions of labor. To do otherwise is to run around in fruitless, 
sectarian circles.

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