[Marxism] NATO's eastward expansion

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Apr 13 13:53:34 MDT 2014

On 4/13/14 3:15 PM, Ralph Johansen wrote:
> Of course, class struggle is there all the time. But to try to imagine
> productive struggle of any sort by the working class without taking into
> account the effect on the course of that struggle of the activity of
> transnational capital, that 'chess game', in its geopolitical designs to
> overcome all opposition to hegemony of a sector of that capital, on
> opposing capital as well as on the working class world-wide, is to
> counsel defeat.

You know, I read this kind of thing and my eyes roll.

I just spent 3 hours today going through Nexis to find data on Donetsk 
that is relevant to the discussion.

This moron Fred Feldman who I threw off Marxmail after one too many 
pro-Obama statements wrote this typical "scratch to gangrene" 
denunciation of me, the ISO and the Mandelistas for not having the 
"correct" line on Ukraine. We were all caving in to imperialist pressure 
like Max Shachtman. I suppose I am James Burnham because I went to the 
Metropolitan Opera a couple of times. (I left my top hat at home.)

Anyhow, I told Fred: "What you don't understand is that I see my role as 
countering bullshit, not cheerleading for any particular politician in 
the Ukraine. I spent an entire day a few weeks ago going through Nexis 
trying to get to the bottom of what had been happening in Ukraine since 
Yanukovych reneged on the deal with the EU. Just the way I read through 
5 years worth of newspaper articles to get to the bottom of Qaddafi's rule."

What investment do comrades have in Marxism, really? Marx spent many 
long hours at the London library researching Capital. This mailing list 
is polluted by too much rhetoric and too little data. What would prevent 
Ralph Johansen from going to a library and reading a god-damned book on 
Ukraine? What am I supposed to do with phrase-mongering like taking 
"account the effect on the course of the struggle of the activity of 
transnational struggle"? That, and $1.10 will get me on the NY subway 
and that's about it.

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