[Marxism] New Poison Gas Attacks Reported in Syria ->After Hersh lays smoke screen, Assad lobes gas bombs

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      After Hersh lays smoke screen, Assad lobes gas bombs

> The Blogosphere is a Battlefield
> Karl Marx famously quoted Carl von Clausewitz to the effect that war
> is the continuation of politics by other means. It should also be said
> that propaganda in times of armed conflict is war by other means. Even
> though the strength of the contending armed bodies is critical in war,
> their propaganda efforts among their own forces, against the enemy
> forces, and towards international observers, play an extremely
> important role as well. That is why I say the blogosphere is a
> battlefield
> <https://www.facebook.com/clayclai/posts/10201504937055416?stream_ref=11>.
> Certainly Assad understands that, and so does Putin. They both see the
> value of creating and promoting a narrative designed to justify their
> aggression. They both see the value of demonizing their opposition,
> creating smoke screens, muddying waters, and creating distractions.
> Today, to a large extent, these goals are accomplished with the help
> of the Internet, and they both have created sophisticated machinery
> and spent a lot of money on political support for the Assad regime.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Sy Hersh goes on the warpath again ahead of new regime attacks
> Seemingly out of the blue, Bashar al-Assad's most prominent defender
> came out with a new 5,000 word essay again attempting to absolve the
> Assad regime for past chemical attacks. Even though the muzzled UN
> came as close as allowed to putting the blame
> <http://claysbeach.blogspot.com/2014/03/un-assad-sarin-used-in-attacks-lefts.html>
> on the regime when it said that the sarin used in both Ghouta and Khan
> Al-Assal came from the Assad arsenal and was used by a large chemical
> weapons component of a professional army, Seymour Hersh's rehash of
> the old arguments
> <http://www.lrb.co.uk/2014/04/06/seymour-m-hersh/the-red-line-and-the-rat-line>
> put forth again on 8 April 2014 in the London Review of Books,
> reopened a discussion that many had thought settled.
> His piece became like a call to action for Assad supporters everywhere
> to renew the claims that Assad didn't do it, repeat all the Fall
> conspiracy theories, and try to build unity among the conflicting
> versions. For example, Mint Press came out in support of Hersh, in
> spite of the fact that they had been supporting a version
> <http://claysbeach.blogspot.com/2013/09/mint-press-exposed-as-assad-apologist.html>
> of how the rebels gassed themselves that involved untrained rebels in
> a tunnel bungling a big tank of sarin given to them by Saudi Prince
> Bandar. Hersh's current version has the Turks ramroding al Nursa, and
> using missiles, no Bandar, no tank, no tunnel. But nevermind about
> that, these Assad supporters are flexible, the main point is that
> Assad didn't do it and the rebels did. That is why all those that had
> formerly promoted a version that had the CIA and/or Qatar
> masterminding the chemical attacks were as quick as Mint Press to jump
> on the Hersh campaign bus.
> As a result, just when the UN's 5 March report had done so much to
> clear the air and settle the question of responsibility, at least for
> the two most deadly sarin attacks, Hersh comes along, completely
> ignores the UN report, and leads the charge in another smoke and
> mirrors attack with his pro-Assad LRP propaganda bomb and they have
> been successful in raising a lot of dust and confusion.
> Many of us on the other side of this battle in the blogosphere have
> been writing tooth and nail to discredit this latest Sy Hersh piece as
> well as his whole Assad-didn't-do-it thesis, but he is like a giant of
> journalism while we are the Lilliputians. He dismisses us as bloogers.
> We are working hard to clear the air, but every time the Hersh piece
> is reprinted or regurgitated, it is like another smoke grenade going off.
> Now we know why this propaganda war is so important, because in the
> past few days the reports have been coming in that Assad is again
> killing with poison gas, now the laying of smoke before these
> operations makes strategic sense.
> Was the timing of these new chemical weapons attacks, less than a week
> after the publication of the latest Sy Hersh defense of Assad, a
> coincidence, an opportunistic move on the part of Assad or was it part
> of a plan?

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