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Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
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I actually suspect that they are the same thing, Michael.  The *festina
lente* approach is probably at the bottom of it all, a plea for the master
class to reach a reconciliation with the slaves based on forgiving the
slave for being a slave.

The difficulty is that the master class has no interest in such an outcome.
They want it all and cannot be compromised with.

I have read carefully Joaquin's post about Fidel and Chavez response
following the coup, where the decision was not to put the plotters to the
sword. The two great revolutionaries (use the words carefully and with
total respect) decided that did not make sense.

And now we see the result. I am convinced that it is only the armed
neighborhoods of the poor that prevent a coup.  That I am convinced is
Chavez' greatest legacy.

Tanks and planes and artillery will be needed to subdue them, and when the
capitalist class can secure that outcome, then I believe it is very likely
they will give the go ahead for another attempt.

I may be wrong of course, and there are many comrades who know so much more
than me about Venezuela, who would say so.  Let us hope they are right and
Maduro is not destined to be another Allende.



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> pace or direction?
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