[Marxism] Ukraine in Economic Free-Fall

Matthew Russo russo.matthew9 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 15 11:07:58 MDT 2014

More context from a different angle.  This Forbes article basically admits
that the "West"'s gambit in Ukraine has been a piece of stupidity with an
unknown price-tag:

"Russia has always had the ability to wreck economic havoc on Ukraine, and
this should have made the West a lot more cautious about the Eastern
Partnership and the general effort to incorporate Ukraine into European
institutions. In retrospect the entire effort to sign the association
agreement appears to have been a rather reckless gamble which no one knew
the stakes of. But now that the gloves are off, now that the West and
Russia are in an open geopolitical fight about Ukraine’s future trajectory,
Brussels and Washington <http://www.forbes.com/washington/> need to step up
to ensure that Ukraine’s economy stays out of the abyss. This will require
substantially more generous (and politically risky) packages of financial
assistance, but the only alternative is to allow Ukraine’s economy to
implode. For a whole host of humanitarian, economic, and political reasons,
that would be a catastrophe."

Ukraine has already seen an economic and demographic catastrophe since
1991, and is on the precipice of another.



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