[Marxism] European Far Right Developing Closer Ties with Moscow - SPIEGEL ONLINE

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Apr 16 08:19:10 MDT 2014

During the Cold War, left-wing parties were often viewed with no small 
amount of suspicion in the West. Fear was rampant, if perhaps 
overwrought, that they could act as a political beachhead for the Soviet 
Union and the communist East Bloc in their presumed quest for global 

Times have changed. While relations between Moscow and the West are once 
again tense due to the ongoing tug-o'-war over Ukraine and the Crimea, 
it is Europe's right-wing parties that are showing an affinity for 
Russia. And with European Parliament elections quickly approaching in 
late May, right-wing populists -- with parties in several countries well 
positioned to make gains in the coming vote -- are being increasingly 
open about their desire to act as an advocate for Moscow in Brussels.

"I think we can be a good partner for Russia in the European 
Parliament," says Filip Dewinter, a senior member of the right-wing 
Flemish party Vlaams Belang in Belgium. "And Russia sees us as a 
potential partner."


Last week also saw the launch of a new right-wing youth network, the 
Young European Alliance For Hope, between France’s National Front, 
Austria’s Freedom Party, Belgium’s Vlaams Belang and the Sweden Democrats.

This network seems to embody the evolving spirit of co-operation amongst 
European nationalists. But it also embodies the far right’s continued 
inability to form a truly pan-European consensus.

UKIP, Geert Wilder’s Freedom Party and the Northern League have all 
declined to join the YEAH. After an Austrian delegate at their launch 
event described the EU as a “conglomerate of Negroes”, the Sweden 
Democrats called into question the future of the alliance- just days 
after it was publicly launched.


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