[Marxism] Ukraine, Through the US Looking Glass

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Apr 16 13:21:38 MDT 2014

On 4/16/14 2:27 PM, Shane Mage wrote:
> The Jewish people have centuries of experience with pogrom-steeped
> Ukrainian Nationalism, than which there is no Nationalism  more loathsome.

Typical of Shane to write a worthless one-sentence contribution to 
Marxmail reeking of Daniel Goldhagen's essentializing take on German 
Jew-hatred through the centuries as if the Ukrainians were born to kill 
Jews. At least we can be thankful that he deigned to attach it to Robert 
Parry's article that reprises all the stuff about the Right Sector and 
Svoboda that we have only heard 3000 times before. At least when Parry 
writes nonsense, he at least makes an effort to compose his thoughts.

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